Meet Vianello Imports

Meet the Molons and the Vianellos

Meet the Molons and the Vianellos

The story of Vianello Imports begins on the long, narrow Island of Pellestrina, located in the Venetian Lagoon. Accessible from St. Mark’s Square via a ferry and bus number 11, this peaceful, little island which is known for its charming, colorfully painted houses, has approximately 4,000 residents; half of whom are named Vianello.

It was after first visiting Pellestrina in 1999 and meeting Tony Vianello, that Marc and Michelle Vianello of Prairie Village, Kansas, began a love affair with Pellestrina and the people who live there. Two years after the visit, Marc named the farm he owns in Oronogo, Missouri, Pellestrina Farms. The couple also stayed in contact with Tony who invited them to come back to Pellestrina many, many times.

Finally, 11 years later, in 2010, Marc and Michelle returned for a 10-day visit during which they were guests in the home of Nini and Gilda Vianello, Tony’s in-laws. During this visit, they were introduced to the fine wines of Luigino Molon.

As fate would have it, on a trip back to Pellestrina in 2011 during which Marc was bestowed with the honor of “Cavaliere di San Marco,” Marc and Michelle were introduced to Luigino Molon, himself, a winemaker for over 50 years who is also a “Cavaliere di San Marco.” Luigino is a true artisan and has won many awards in Italy.  His wines, from the renowned Veneto wine region, are widely available on Pellestrina. But, you could not find them anywhere in the United States…..until now, thanks to Marc and Michelle Vianello.

In 2016, Marc and Michelle decided to expand Vianello Imports into a multinational business.  The Company now imports and distributes wines from not only from Italy, but also from Argentina; California; and Oregon.

Meet Vianello Imports – Exclusive importer and distributor of Molon wines and other fine wines.